Wearing an ear piercing is a charming and charismatic style trait. Both girls and boys today get ear holes to design their ornamental aesthetic. Now, it is important to be clear that there are different types of piercings and holes that you should know.

Although, in general, a piercing is a hole, there are ear cuffs that do not require the presence of it, since they are placed and adapted by pressure to your ear. Be that as it may and you choose the type you choose, the personality and style that piercings give you are unquestionable.


Depending on the area or the type of piercing , we must differentiate different classes and, if possible, learn their names. Next, we tell you which are the main ones.


It is the most frequent and common. Usually, they are made as babies and allow you to wear earrings from, almost, your birth. They are often known as main slopes. They usually host one type of  large full-ear earring : hoops, shaped, with stones, long earrings , etc.

The so-called high lobe is located above the previous one. In fact, in each lobe we can make between three and five different holes, in different locations. They are usually decorated with small earrings .

At the moment of truth, both alternatives accept gold earrings and
silver earrings , as well as the option of combining with long and short earrings to achieve visual dynamism and rhythm.

Some specialists call them upper lobe and lobe , although in Spanish we identify them all better. Don't you think?


They are located in the upper part of the ear . The helix is ​​located on the cartilage and attracts a lot of attention. This is usually the first thing you think of when talking about piercings . They can be worn between one and three, usually earrings, hanging miniforms, balis, etc. There are also clip options that are easily attached, without drilling any holes.

It is a perfect alternative to test the effect for a season, before deciding if you really want to pierce the area.

The counterhelix or antihelix is located in the same area, but in front, between the face and the ear. The earrings are, here, ideal. Another variant is the forward helix, which is located close to the temple and provides an unquestionable differential touch.


It is a very original choice: it is placed inside the ear and is usually very small and simple, discretion is your ally. Taking into account where it goes, it does not allow betting on larger sizes without being annoying.

One of the most common formulas are the two balls, which cross the cartilage joined by a cylindrical axis and provide a very sexy and attractive finish. We will talk about this option in more detail later.


It is implemented in the fold of the internal cartilage , in the central area of ​​the auditory pinna. That is, in the bone that is closest to the entrance to the ear. Consequently, it will remain in a more internal position and, for that very reason, it is the least obvious. Now, it is a lot of fun to wear a piercing in this special location.


This is the name given to the one that is shaped like the sun and is placed in the center of the ear , so it never goes unnoticed.


Both are placed mid-ear . Originality is their main feature, largely because there are not many people who dare to wear them. The snug is located in a hard cartilage and, for this reason, it tends to take shape in rings somewhat larger than those that we have been commenting on.

Regarding the conch piercing , it is specified in a piece that hugs that cartilaginous area. It is also usually a larger hoop than usual ... and it looks very cool .


It takes a lot, although you probably don't know it by name. It is located in the small central cartilage of the ear closest to the face , which is located just outside the ear canal.

Its greatest peculiarity is that it can be seen both from the front and from the back, which offers great aesthetic possibilities. Simple shapes, balls, and small rings are the most common. If you dare to wear it, the alternatives will be many.


In the upper lobe , in the highest part of it and just in front of the tragus, this cartilage is also very cute and usable to include piercings . In this case, they usually wear beads and earrings. It is not, of course, one of the most frequent and common, but it is an original option that, well studied, provides a very attractive touch of exclusivity.


It is a variety of the tragus that is located close to the temple, practically outside the ear, at the limit where the face begins.


It is one of the most special and striking, because it requires two piercings and goes completely through the upper part of the ear . The ornaments are connected in three different ways: transverse, vertical and orbital, depending on their location and characteristics.


The trend of ear holes and ornaments in it is experiencing a real boom . The important thing, if you like it, is that you don't get carried away by it. Always decide how you want to beautify your ear and, in any case, have the right earrings for each case.

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