Who does not like to receive unique rings ? When we want to make a memorable gift, ornaments of this type have an added attraction, impact and memory. They are, of course, a sure hit. Of course, the best option is to go to fine jewelry and, specifically, to the designs that we present on our website. We are unchallenged when it comes to helping gift exclusive rings!

What do you ask of a gift? What are you looking forward to when you receive it? Make it original, unique, usable and personalized, that is, designed for you. These attributes are what characterize our collections: we offer artisan design pieces with a more than appreciable creativity.


Not all  rings are the same, far from it. At Ras we are committed to quality and differentiation. We only work with fine jewelry , always made with high-level materials and with a laborious and methodical creative process.

Rings include gold or silver plating, depending on the circumstances, and art-inspired designs . Yes, yes, in art and in some of its greatest creators. You just have to take an expression at the most artistic collections, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Joaquín Sorolla, Diego Velázquez, Antoni Gaudí or Pablo Picasso, to name a few of them, and you will fall in love with these designs. We love art, that's why we apply it conscientiously in our creations. Are you of primitive art, avant-garde ... or according to the occasions? Don't worry, we present you spectacular rings based on both types of art.

Are you worried about not hitting the size of the chosen ring? Zero problems with us, since they are adjustable, since they are open-back pieces that fit perfectly in any hand . Therefore, you will be sure that your gift will fit ... like a glove.

We are creators of fine jewelry with an artistic approach and, at the same time, functional. We know that accessories should be light, pleasant to wear and distinctive. Thus, we focus on the creation of each ring, with an artisan method and zeal that are appreciated in each finished item.


We do not discover anything new when we tell you that the rings are totally connected with love . When we get engaged to someone, we use a ring as a symbol; when we get married, a couple of alliances. The relationship is obvious and everyone understands it. Therefore, it is a great idea, which does not give rise to any error, to give a ring to your partner to express your affection, your love and your dedication.

The gold rings  have always been associated with wealth, sophistication and exclusivity. They are distinguished and elegant pieces, which look great with formal and informal outfits. Whether you are going bludgeoning with your friends or going to a serious work event, these rings are ideal.

The large rings , incidentally, are trend. They attract attention, bring personality and hardly go unnoticed. If you are looking precisely for a gift that arouses the interest of the environment, an XXL size ring is a master choice. Every time someone asks you or tells you about it, you will return to their memory and they will keep you present in their conversation. Isn't that a great idea?

For their part, silver rings  are widely worn: they are associated with youthful style, they are casual, flattering and easily combinable. You will see how well your love fits!


Don't forget to celebrate the anniversary! Special dates are part of your history and, therefore, they are worth commemorating. And what better way than to give unique rings for a special day !

When we think of anniversaries, the wedding day immediately comes to mind . It is truly a momentous and very important date. Your partner will love receiving one of the unique rings as a gift!

But there are many more anniversaries, even romantic ones . Do you remember the date you met? Or the first kiss, or when you decided to go out or live together? Any of these days can become your particular celebration and use, as a present, a stylish, distinctive and attractive ring.

Then there are birthdays . Sometimes it is not easy to decide what to give, especially to people we have celebrated with years ago. You will surely find a great ring in the Ras e-commerce . Success is guaranteed!

We can also celebrate other events with these gifts. What day did you start working in your company, or when did your parents retire? Why not commemorate the day you passed the degree, or the success of that operation that saved your life? If you use your imagination, you will find a thousand and one dates to celebrate.

You can even give the rings to yourself, because it is a special day for any reason or because today is today and that, in itself, is already wonderful.


Besides love and family, friendship is a mainstay in life . If you have a real friend, the kind that never lets you down and is always there when you need them, on the front line, acknowledge it. Having details with the people we love is very nice and helps to consolidate the personal ties that unite us.

In your case, if you have an unconditional friend and you want to thank her, giving her an artistic ring from the collections is an exceptional idea. In fact, you can multiply the emotional effect if you share a ring. This symbol of your friendship is doubled by each wearing an identical or very similar piece to the other. Every time you see that present, and she hers, you will be connecting through time and space.

The saying goes: "Whoever has a friend, has a treasure." We recommend you take care of friendship, pamper it and openly acknowledge it. Give back to your soul mate everything they give you with one of the original and unique rings . A full-color ring , for example, is an always spectacular jewelry resource for a friend.

Now explore the web and find those unique rings that symbolize affection, experiences and shared sensitivity. Make your alliance with aesthetics!

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