There are many people in different cultures who use the tree of life as an amulet. It is a widespread archetype in a large number of world mythologies, therefore it has a universal character that can be successfully used at any time.

If you have ever wondered what the tree of life in jewelry means? You will find the answer shortly in this post. But first we want to explain to you that this is a tree with strongly forked and leafy branches. He is also sometimes depicted with a dense crown and huge, firmly rooted roots.

Our Tree of Life jewelry is carefully designed to please everyone. Plus, you will feel the satisfaction of wearing a recognizable and positive peace symbol.

Its name conveys well what this element symbolizes. This applies to the very existence of each person, the moment of birth and life in general. However, depending on each culture and set of hereditary values, it acquires different nuances in its interpretation.

Take a close look at these elements, they are the main concepts that it reflects:

Roots are birth. If you want to get this message across, make sure your piece has broad and strong roots.

The trunk is life. It associates birth with development and gradually grows until it meets branches.

Branches are personal development. Life is a continuous learning and an all-round process of improvement. The ramifications represent all those circumstances and situations that we have to face during our existence. Since they often overlap, it's not easy to get it right every time, but it is definitely fun to try. Hence, they reflect the decision-making process.

In general, the tree of life is interpreted as a positive sign associated with personal growth and progress.

On the other hand, you should be aware that there are two important nuances that are associated with specific human areas:

Religious origin. Christians consider the tree of life to be the only God planted in paradise on the condition that Adam and Eve never partake of its fruit. Eve made the wrong decision and changed the fate of her life.

Magic background. The world of magic is focused precisely on the branches: each person must perceive them all and find those that direct him in the right direction for physical and spiritual ascent.


Jewelry of the tree of life and costume jewelry do not go unnoticed. On the contrary, they attract attention because they have a lot of elven charm. We have already noted that it is used as a talisman, and it is for this reason that it is associated with a point of luck, good fortune and positive emotions. Do you want to adorn yourself with these auspicious messages? We are energy and radiate what we experience; so it would definitely be a great idea.

The treasure universe of the tree of life is vast. In fact, this motif is present in a multitude of proposals, appliqu├ęs and striking designs. It is most commonly found in earrings, rings and bracelets, but it is also found in brooches, bracelets, and pendants of all kinds.

Our pieces, plated with gold and silver, look impressive, halfway between showiness and sophistication. On the other hand, it is the perfect piece of jewelry for everyday life: wearing it every day is a decision that, due to its positive value, goes beyond personal aesthetics.

On the other hand, for moments of celebrations, special events and a more considerate attitude, jewelry and jewelry with this tree of life also look very good and give uniqueness, charisma and beauty.


At Ras, we are great jewelry designers. We create spectacular proposals that will make you feel flawless. Our designs attract attention with their sophistication, elegance and aesthetic consistency.

We craft them by hand and place them at your fingertips in our online designer jewelry. Enter and discover many incredible alternatives for everyday life or for special occasions. Many of them are carefully plated in gold or silver. The presence of the golden color gives the tree of life an additional shade of wealth, luxury and perfection. For its part, silver includes a fabulous feminine character and something more spiritual.

Which ones do you prefer? The truth is, the designs we sell are so incredible and so affordable that many people choose multiple options to alternate items to suit their mood.

A very special way to showcase these special pieces of jewelry is by creating jewelry sets. For example, if you combine earrings, a pendant and a bracelet with this symbol, you will enhance your charismatic image and, why not, create a good mood.

In addition, the Tree of Life jewelry is ideal for wearing Siamese jewelry with your loved one. Present your partner with a pendant and wear the same model yourself! This is a great way to reflect your love and the oneness you share.

Discover our catalog. You will love our beautiful and attractive products. It is an exclusive design, bathed in gold and silver, that reflects this distinctive and evocative symbol.

If you want to demonstrate a much more attentive presence and associate it with a positive, stimulating and recognizable universal concept, the Rasa tree of life jewels are the best option.

Go to our online jewelry store and get yours. You will love our designs!

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